New Medanales Farm Cooperative Formed

The Center has helped local farmers in Medanales, NM, form an organic farming cooperative. The new cooperative will sell its product to the Ghost Ranch Conference and Retreat Center. Both the Medanales Coop and Ghost Ranch are located along the Rio Chama in Rio Arriba County. Ghost Ranch is located only about 24 miles upstream from Medanales, making it a local, sustainable market for the Medanales Coop. The president of the cooperative is world-renowned weaver Cordelia Coronado, daughter of internationally–known weaver Agueda Martínez

Isleta Pueblo Coops Up and Running

There are now five organic farming coops in full operation at Isleta Pueblo. All of the coops are family-based for-profit coops. They are coordinating their efforts to achieve savings and economy of scale; for example, the five coops are bundling their product to obtain larger markets and they joined to purchase organic seeds and infrastructure to create cost savings by buying in bulk.