Community Development Center


 How We Work

  • Must have high impact

  • Must have low cost

  • Must be achievable within a reasonable time frame

  • Must be achievable using existing resources and capacities

  • Must be measurable

Our process to build successful businesses

  • We build long-term relationships with communities interested in creating viable businesses

  • In partnership, we define business opportunities in local communities

  • We conduct feasibility studies to learn if the business model is viable in a particular area, including markets, customer base, long-term economic trends, human capital, local resources analyses, etc.

  • If the feasibility studies indicate a business model can be successful in a particular area, we then conduct in-depth market research to define local and regional markets for proposed products

  • In partnership, we help form businesses and provide technical assistance in financial management and product development

  • We partner closely with emerging businesses to ensure their success and viability

  • We help emerging businesses to bootstrap their operations